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Understanding the “Natural” in our Beautiful Cowhides

It is essential to get to understand that Hair On Cowhides derive from the Food Chain industry. We are proud to kind of “recycle” what is left of this industry and transform it into a usable and decorative item. Hide tanning which is one of the oldest process industries from ancient times, when man naturally used the hides for warmth and clothing after having used the animal’s flesh for nutrition and survival purposes. At the same time, we believe it important to comprehend, that we are in the presence of a totally Natural Product. These cowhides are not made of a synthetic fiber or natural cloth, this way, explaining that usually not two are alike. Our photographs will serve as a guide for sample an orientation purposes of the available tones. Sometimes opposite and mostly different to most of North American and European cattle, which today live under “luxury” under roof establishments and feed lot “restaurants”, South American bovine cattle grazes loose in green Pampa prairies and hills, but having to go through all four seasons in the natural outdoors, sometimes having to support temperature changes, climate issues and consequences of long droughts and/or floods. Their outside skin (“the hide”) suffers of natural tears and scratches while protecting the cattle from these sometimes harsh exterior factors.