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Natural Cowhides

Original Brazilian Hair On Cowhides – Natural Tones

Our Natural Tones Brazilian Hair On Cowhides feature a clean soft split suede backside and a glossy, shiny, sparkly hair, on the other. Rated the best South American hides available in the market, due to the most advanced technological procedures in tanning and finishing, we are proud to hand select all of our hides, one by one, at source tanneries. Our largest selection and volume resides in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and rated tannery. This means that our main supply is selected at source from a tannery where all technical, environmental and administrative procedures have gone through international scrutiny, standards and tests for quality and environmental low impact certification.

Main characteristics of our Brazilian Hair On Cowhides reside in the softness and spotless cleanliness of the suede back side, and a uniform short and shiny hair on the other. Minimum quantity of hides might include hardly visible scratches and patches, but our main available volume of Brazilian origin cowhides bring unnoticeable premium detailed artisan craftsmanship.

Major Tones available but not limited to, are: Black & White, Brown & White, Palomino & White, Hereford, Brindle Dark, Brindle Medium, Brindle Light, Solid Palomino, Longhorn or Salt & Pepper Black & White and Brown & White, Tricolor and Solid Mahogany or with white accents.

Our Brazilian “Super Promo” hides option, offers an incredible value with the same Brazilian quality. These are mainly Solid Color hides which we grade into “Dark tones” and “Light tones” categories. 


Original Colombian Hair On Cowhides – Natural Tones

Our Natural Tones Colombian Hair On Cowhides hand picked selection are produced in a Medium size tannery located in the hilly area of this South American country. We are currently supplied with this tannery’s whole volume production, benefiting in selecting only the best. All rejected full decoration hide-rugs are classified and artfully cut and sewn and eventually  transformed into our beautiful pillows, place mats, coasters and other manufactured accessories.

Main characteristics of our Colombian Hair On Cowhides derive on a soft and clean suede side and a little longer, but glossy and shiny, hair length, specially on their Backbone. Some more scratches and patches are to be expected, although the vast majority quantities are clean and sound. You will find the Colombian assortment at an accessible Mid Price Range Level.

Major Tones available but not limited to, are: Tricolor, Brindle with some white accents, Brindle Dark and Medium. Some limited quantities of Black and White and Brown and White are also available.

Look out for our Colombia “Tannery Run” Selection at value discounted prices, offering Solid Dark, Solid Medium tones and Long Hair with occasional visible scratches and patches. 

Original Argentina Hair On Cowhides – Natural Tones

Our Natural Tones Argentina Hair On Cowhides offers an affordable quality for a value oriented customer base. We go through a large volume of hide selection in order to hand pick only the best available. Historically, Argentina has supplied the whole world with the best tanning and finishing process in non-hair upholstery-garment leather. At this point and time, hair-on tanning in this country has not yet  reached the technical Brazilian levels, or the Artisan mastery care of the Colombian. Nevertheless, the natural beauty of the Argentinean hides tones that derive of unique bovine herds breed-crossing, balances out, adding to the market table a value quality option. Because of the technical limitations, we make sure that we only select and bring the best available hides to the market. Argentina hides bring a short and glossy hair side and a little stiffer and firm suede backside. The minimum quantity hides with visible more rustic scratches and patches are classified into our “Tannery Run” Selection at an even better value price range option.

Major Tones available but not limited to, are: Brindle Dark, Medium and Light, and Brindle White Backbone. Other tones available in limited quantities are: Black and White, Brown & White, Hereford, Salt & Pepper and Mahogany.